The Sligo Recreation Center is located in what once was the Union School District school building in 1928-1963, with a gymnasium being added to the building in 1935. In 1969, the school building was repurposed as the Sligo Recreation Center and in 2007, the gymnasium was refurbished. Other improvements have also be made to the building since it's reopening as the Sligo Recreation Center to make it better suitable for community use. These improvements include a new roof, chimney, and main floor restrooms, among many others.

      To this day, the Sligo Recreation Center continues to play a major role in the Sligo community. The Sligo Recreation Center houses The Sligo Borough and Sligo Borough Authority office, Salvation Army, and Clarion County Dog License. The building also serves as a meeting area for the following boards:  Sligo Borough Council, Sligo Borough Authority, Sligo Recreation Center, and the Union COG Pool.

     For a complete history of the building, please visit:


Sligo Recreation Center


Salvation Army

- helps with utilities or rent.

Thelma is available to help on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9AM - 2PM at the Sligo Recreation Center. Please visit or call (814)745-2100 during that time for more information.



2018 Clarion County Dog Licenses


- sold in the Sligo Recreation Center office (Mon.-Fri. 8AM-4PM)

Male - $9.00

Neutered Male - $7.00

Female - $9.00

Spayed Female - $7.00

If the owner of the dog is disabled or a senior citizen (65+):

Male - $7.00

Neutered Male - $5.00

Female - $7.00

Spayed Female - $5.00

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The Sligo Recreation Center  gymnasium (equipped with tables, chairs, and a kitchen) can be rented for parties, meetings, basketball, etc.

For a complete list of  rental fees and rental stipulations, please visit the link below.